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Thanks to an Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, Camila Puig Ibarra is able to take a master’s degree in Archival and Information Studies at the UvA. With the knowledge she is gaining, she seeks to unravel the past using the latest digital techniques.

A full one-year scholarship costs €25,000

Camila Puig Ibarra from Mexico is one of the talented students who has been selected for an Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (AES) this year. This scholarship is priceless to her.

'Without the Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, I would never have been able to study at the UvA. The master’s degree offered here is highly regarded in my professional field, because the UvA is one of the few universities in the world that offers a course that combines the more traditional forms of archive management with digitalisation. There is important history to be found in archives, even just by looking at the reasons why a document was chosen for preservation. During my master, I hope to unravel the past, with a focus on the role of women in history,' says Camila.

Camila Puig Ibarra
Camila Puig Ibarra, master student (photo: Mitchell van Voorbergen)

Opportunities for promising students from outside the EU

The Amsterdam Excellence Scholarships were specially created for excelling students from outside the European Union. For this group of foreign students, one year of studying in the Netherlands is extremely expensive. They cannot apply for a loan, and on average they pay seven times more for a master than Dutch students. Along with living expenses, one year’s study at the UvA easily amounts to 25,000 euros for them.

The Annual Fund wishes to make at least two scholarships possible this year and needs your contribution to do so.

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