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Find out about projects and scholarships that are funded by the Amsterdam University Fund of the University of Amsterdam, thanks to gifts from donors.

Donors are essential to the Amsterdam University Fund, financing research projects and scholarships that are, in turn, indispensable to the University of Amsterdam’s creative environment, inspiring students, researchers and faculty alike. Here are just a few examples of the hundreds of research, preservation projects and scholarships that the Fund makes possible every year.

Research into tax competition

Tax evasion by multinationals and the related tax competition between countries form an international problem. With the Fiscal Transparency research programme, Jan van de Streek aims to achieve greater transparency regarding these tax issues.

Open the oldest book in Amsterdam

'De Bello Gallico': renowned among classical scholars and one of the top pieces in the Allard Pierson Museum’s collection. A book that deserves to be displayed for a larger audience.

Scholarship for international talent

Thanks to an Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship, Camila Puig Ibarra is able to take a master’s degree in Archival and Information Studies at the UvA. With the knowledge she is gaining, she seeks to unravel the past using the latest digital techniques.

Medication related falls

Yearly about 80,000 Dutch elderly suffer a fall, often due to medication that they are taking. 2,500 of these falls prove fatal. With help from the Fund, Geriatric Medicine specialist Nathalie van der Velde is conducting pioneering and life saving research into medication related falls.

High Dosage Tutoring

Sociologist Bowen Paulle’s research shows spectacular results for disadvantaged students due to ‘High Dosage Tutoring’ implemented by The Bridge Learning Interventions. One of the Fund’s goals is to combat inequality, and the research shows the enormous potential of tutoring and of the students themselves. The positive results promise to have a flywheel effect, stimulating funding from regular channels.

Student travel grants

A travel grant enabled master student Biological Sciences Seringe Huisman to research the history of vegetation in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador. “Fieldwork experience has proven invaluable to my research and my education. I’m analyzing sediment samples that I collected myself, resulting in a thesis and hopefully a scientific publication as well.”

Sweelinck Student Orchestra

The Fund provides indispensible support to UvA’s 70-member student ensemble, the Sweelinck Orchestra, Amsterdam’s oldest symphony orchestra. The Fund makes concerts in Amsterdam’s Concertgebouw possible, as well as international tours, music instruments and master classes, reaching an audience of thousands.

Cultural academic heritage

‘View of the ruins of Palmyra’ is a magnificent panorama measuring more than four meters wide. Painted by Gerard Hofstede van Essen in 1693, it depicts the legendary Syrian city and is a beautiful work of preservation. More than 300 years later, the painting itself is in dire need of preservation. The support of generous donors will make the restoration of this unique work possible.


One of the Fund’s merit-based Excellence Scholarships enables Mridula Shobinath to pursue her Research master’s in Social Sciences. “I plan to do doctoral research on human rights. My hope is that my research will help stop human trafficking.”