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Project grant researchers

UvA researchers can apply for grants for scientific projects thanks to the support of contributors.

Research projects that support the practice of science are eligible for support from the Amsterdam University Fund. A requirement is that the projects have a direct relationship with the UvA and cannot be funded from regular resources.

Upon completion of the research, the applicant must submit a report so that we can inform our contributors about how the fund has been spent and possibly include the project in the newsletter and annual report of the Amsterdam University Fund.

PLEASE NOTE: From now on, it is not possible to submit grant applications for medical research to the AUF. An annual call for submitting applications for start-up grants is in place from the academic year 2023/2024 onwards.

Submitting an application

Call             Deadline                      Academic Affairs Committee meeting

2023 Q4      Sun 05 Nov 2023          Thu 14 December 2023

2024 Q1      Sun 10 March 2024       Thu 11 April 2024

2024 Q2      Sun 26 May 2024          Thu 27 June 2024

2024 Q3      Sun 08 Sep 2024           Thu 10 October 2024

2024 Q4      Sun 10 Nov 2024          Thu 12 December 2024

Applicants will be informed about the decision-making in the week after the committee meeting.

Please submit the application with all required information using the application form. The form is in English, the files to be uploaded can be in Dutch.

Application checklist

The application must include:

  • a motivation with justification for expenditure (maximum one A4), describing how the project will benefit scientific research and/or education at the UvA and/or its students and what the requested amount will be spent on in concrete terms (e.g. fifteen instruments at € 500, digitisation of four collections);
  • a detailed project description (maximum two A4); 
  • a letter of recommendation from the dean that is specific to the project;
  • a statement from the head of department clarifying that the research is embedded within the faculty and stating that the faculty will be in charge of controlling the progress and monitoring the research;
  • an itemised budget (download), including an overview of all expenditure and income (such as research costs, personnel costs, requested and/or promised gifts, subsidies or sponsorships from other funds, faculty, companies, etc.);
  • a CV of the applicant, including a track record of past performance (maximum two A4);
  • If it concerns an application for medical research, a declaration of approval from the Medical Ethics Review Committee (METC) of the AMC must be enclosed as well as a summary of the research protocol (maximum two A4).

Report requirements

The report should not exceed three A4. The report should address the following issues:

  • Description of the investigation;
  • The result;
  • Possible follow-up.

The report may be used for our website, online newsletter or other publications with which we inform our contributors about how the fund is spent. If we intend to do so, we will ask permission first.


Please send the report and the final financial statement within three weeks after completion, stating your name and telephone number, by e-mail to:


For more information about this grant, please contact the Amsterdam University Fund.
T: +31 (0)20 525 2138