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The University of Amsterdam has a centuries-long tradition of helping students and scientists to realize their academic dreams. Via the Amsterdam University Fund, alumni and friends from around the world help make the university’s mission possible: to engage minds, pursue knowledge, and enrich the world at large.

Make a gift

By choosing to make a gift to the Amsterdam University fund you are supporting research, heritage conservation, student services or scholarships at the University of Amsterdam. You can give your support in a number of ways.

Annual Fund

Each year, the Amsterdam University Fund raises funds among alumni, employees, and friends of the UvA during the Annual Fundraising Campaign. The contributions are used for special projects that would be unable to continue without extra funding.

Other ways to donate

  • Donate as a Dutch tax payer
  • Donate from eurozone country
  • Donate from the United States
  • Donate by international wire transfer
  • Bequests

    A bequest to the Amsterdam University Fund is an investment in the future of science and scholarship at the University of Amsterdam, one that will enable new generations of students and researchers to learn and contribute to the world of tomorrow.

    If you do not leave a will upon your death, your estate will be distributed among your heirs as dictated by law or, should you leave no heirs, devolve instead to the state. If you wish to determine who will legally be entitled to what part of your estate, it is advisable to have a lawyer draw up a will on your behalf. Among the beneficiaries you can name in a will are also charities. Similar to living donations, bequests to charities can also offer certain tax advantages.

    Legacy or testamentary disposition

    If you are considering including the Amsterdam University Fund in your will, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss options for putting your donation to the best possible use. The university fund has extensive experience with bequests and can answer any questions you may have. Bequests can take the form of a legacy or a testamentary disposition. A legacy means that you leave a specific amount or an item of property such as a painting, book collection, share portfolio or building. Alternatively, if you wish to bequeath a percentage of your inheritance to the Amsterdam University Fund, you can opt for a testamentary disposition.

    Additional information

    If you have any questions relating to wills, testamentary dispositions, legacies or gift tax, you can contact us

  • Named endowment fund

    Named endowment funds are separate funds within the Amsterdam University Fund set up by donors for a specific purpose. As the donor, you determine the beneficiary, the conditions, and the name of the fund – perhaps your name or that of a loved one. 

    You can establish a named endowment fund with a donation starting from €30,000. If you would like to set up a long-term named endowment fund that only disburses interest accrued over the capital, the minimum donation is EUR 50,000. Named endowment funds can be established via a living donation or a bequest, and have a favourable tax structure.

    Support an existing fund

    If you identify with the aims of an existing named endowment fund, you can also opt to donate to that fund. The Amsterdam University Fund administers more than 60 such funds. 

    Other funding options

    If you are interested in making a donation but do not wish to do so via a new or existing named endowment fund, please contact us to discuss the possibilities for supporting the area of your choice. We will be more than happy to explain the options.

    Phone: (+31) 20 525 6053

Contact us

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions. 

Phone: (+31) 20 525 6053