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As a UvA student, you can apply for a travel grant to go on a study trip abroad thanks to the support of contributors. This study trip must be for the purpose of study, internship or fieldwork.

An individual travel grant can be applied for once during both the undergraduate and graduate phase. For bachelor students the minimum stay is one month. Master students can also apply for a travel grant for a stay abroad of less than one month, to visit a conference for example. 

The travel grant is a one-off contribution. The amount depends on the destination and the duration of the stay  and can be lowered if there are too many applications for the available budget.

Duration < 3 months > 3 months
Europe € 550 € 650
Outside of Europe € 800 € 1000

Submit application, new procedure

Because of the large number of applications, the procedure for applying for a travel grant has been changed. Every end of the month is an application deadline for a next round of grant awards. The applicant will in principle be informed within 14 days after the deadline about the decision that has been taken on his/her travel grant application. Applications are reviewed by the Travel Grants Committee on among other things timeliness, completeness and motivation letter. The number of grant awards also depends on the available budget for each round.

The following deadlines apply:

departure date in*

application deadline

AUF decision not later than

April 2024

28 February 2024

15 March 2024

May 2024

31 March 2024

15 April 2024

June 2024

30 April 2024

15 May 2024

July, Aug, Sep 2024

30 May 2024

24 June 2024

October 2024

31 August 2024

16 September 2024

November 2024

30 September 2024

15 October 2024

December 2024

31 October 2024

15 November 2024

*) The departure date is the date you travel to your study destination as shown on your travel ticket, which has to be submitted to get the travel grant paid.

Submit the application using the form below and include all the necessary information as pdf documents. The form is in English, files can also be uploaded in Dutch

Checklist individual travel grant application

Applications must include:

  • a detailed budget (download);
  • a motivation letter in which you make clear the added value and goals of the study abroad program;
  • a recent CV;
  • the transcript of your study results. For bachelor students, a minimum of 120 ECTS credits must be obtained. In case you don’t have enough credits yet, you will need to include an explanation on your list of marks in which you clarify that the 120 credits will be obtained at a later stage, but before the moment of departure. An exception can be made for 90 credits or less if a lecturer declares that the visit abroad is crucial for study progress;
  • a personal, applicant-specific letter of recommendation or email from at least one lecturer involved in the program. This letter must be signed and printed on UvA paper. If an email is provided, it must be clear that it was sent from the lecturer’s email address;
  • the Official Selected Letter  in case of an exchange via UvA or a declaration from the faculty (from a lecturer, education desk or study coordinator) stating that the study abroad fits in with the UvA program being followed and will be awarded with credits. In case of an internship or congress visit, submit the confirmation;
  • proof of admission from the university or other organisation to be visited.


You are not eligible for a scholarship if:

  • an internship, study or fieldwork abroad is a required part of the curriculum;
  • you do not make a financial contribution yourself.

Travel grant for medical students

Faculty of Medicine students must complete the International Office AMC registration form prior to applying. The registration form must also be submitted with the scholarship application.

In addition to the regular travel grants, there are also grants for a longer stay (from 6 months on) for medical students. To be considered for these, you must request approval from the International Office AMC in advance via You must send this approval along with your scholarship application.

Requirements for the report and photos

The trip report should include the following topics:

  • purpose of the trip (research/attending lectures). In case of research: description of the research and its results. In case of lectures: which courses were taken and which (UvA acknowledged) credits were obtained?
  • academic added value of the trip;
  • academic contacts (fellow students, lecturers etc.);
  • difference in academic culture compared to the UvA;
  • did the trip meet the objective?
  • possible follow-up: what will happen with the findings (thesis, publication, follow-up research etc.)?

The report should not exceed two A4 pages or 1,000 words and should include one or more digital photos, giving an impression of your stay abroad related to the travel grant you received. The photos should show you as the recipient of the travel grant (no selfies). Please submit the photos as high resolution JPG files (file size between 1 and 3 MB). If we plan to use any of your photos for our website, online newsletter or other publications we will ask for permission. We do not provide compensation for the use of photos.

Please send the report and photos within one month after returning home via email to, and include your name and phone number.


If you have any questions on this travel grant, please contact the Amsterdam University Fund by email: Include in your email your phone number, so that we can call you if needed.