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The Amsterdam University Fund does not provide general scholarships. In special situations, occasional exceptions are made.

Students seeking funding for a master's degree abroad are not eligible for a scholarship.

Scholarship for UvA students

The Amsterdam University Fund occasionally provides a specific scholarship to UvA students. This scholarship will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

For more information about this scholarship, please contact the Amsterdam University Fund.
T: +31 (0)20 525 2138 

Submit your application including all the necessary information, via the form below. The form is in English, files can be uploaded in Dutch.

Checklist for UvA students applying for a scholarship

Applications will only be processed if they are accompanied by all requested information. Please provide a fully completed application form with all required attachments. If the application is considered, the Scholarship Committee will invite the application to explain the application in a personal interview. 

Please submit attachments as a PDF. 

Applications should include:

  • a grant application including your motivation, signature and date. In the motivation letter, the applicant makes it clear with enthusiasm and conviction that the grant amount will be well spent;
  • a recent CV;
  • a printout of the study results;
  • a personal, applicant-specific letter of recommendation or email from at least one lecturer involved in the program. This letter must be signed and printed on UvA paper. If an email is provided, it must be clear that the email was sent from the lecturer’s email address;
  • a letter from the student dean supporting the application;
  • a detailed budget (download).